Code Enforcement

The Momence Police Department has implemented a new Code Enforcement Policy in an effort to become more consistent and efficient in this area.

If you have an ordinance or code enforcement concern in your area please contact Chief Patrick Siemsen at (815) 472-2021 or via his email. It is our goal to seek compliance over enforcement whenever possible. If any one has any questions in regards to ordinance violations and/or code enforcement issues, please call.

Momence Spring Code Enforcement Initiative

Spring is here and the City of Momence will once again be conducting its citywide code enforcement efforts. Last year during the early spring and into the summer months, the Momence Police Department implemented the most comprehensive and compliance based code enforcement initiative that we have seen in many years. In doing so, the city experienced a tremendous amount of support from our residents and businesses who worked closely with the code enforcement officers to eradicate a number of violations and unsightly properties. Our efforts to eliminate a large number of ordinance violations, property code violations, and improve a number of blighted and neglected areas was largely successful, but our work is not done and we still have many areas that need improvement and/or clean-up.

Our mission this spring will be the same as last year, our code enforcement officers will be surveying the entire community during the next few weeks. We will be identifying ordinance violations and property maintenance violations that negatively impact our neighborhoods and our community. When these violations and/or areas of concern are identified our initial communication with you will be in writing. This written communication will inform you of our concerns and what action needs to be taken to become compliant with the city code. Most, if not all of the follow-up communication will be done in person with face-to-face communication in an effort to ensure everyone understands our compliance based efforts.

This code enforcement initiative is a monumental task that takes a tremendous number of hours to facilitate and manage. Our efforts are designed to seek compliance over enforcement in every instance. If you receive a letter from a code enforcement official informing you of a code enforcement violation, please know that we will work with you to resolve the areas of concern and/or violation. It is our absolute goal to ensure compliance over enforcement in all cases.

Working together as good neighbors to clean up our yards, our businesses, our homes, and blighted areas will make a positive impression on our visitors and our neighbors. We have a beautiful community that is full of potential and promise; with everyone's help and cooperation in our code enforcement initiative we will continue to improve upon the beauty and potential of our community.

The entire City Code can be found online.



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