Police Cadet Program

Our mission with this program is strengthen our community relations and put forth a positive impression of our police officers and department within in our community and our schools. The program is expected to be an extension of the services provided by the Momence Police Department to further assist our businesses, residents and visitors of the City of Momence. Our goal is to develop a program that upholds the principles of community policing, while at the same time strengthening the bond between the police department and our residents. Our Cadets will be expected to maintain impeccable values of integrity, high moral standards, and a team work philosophy.

The purpose of the Momence Police Department Police Cadet Program is to involve teenagers in the police department and to let them take an active part in the workings of a law enforcement agency. The Cadet Program will be designed to introduce young men and woman interested in a career of law enforcement with a better understanding of the goals and functionality of a working police department. The program will also work towards strengthening the idea of team work as well as the fundamental values of integrity, high moral character, and honesty. These life skills are not only important to become a successful police officer, but they are pillars of success that can be used throughout life beyond the realm of law enforcement.

Cadets will perform a variety of functions such as, traffic control for major events, such as the Gladiolus Festival, public relations events, presence during downtown community events, community policing initiatives, code enforcement initiatives, police administration duties, and clerical needs, just to name a few.

The Cadet program will also provide basic law enforcement training and experience through the means of mentoring, hands on skill training, and class room work by the highly trained and well-educated members of the Momence Police Department. The training will include, but not be limited to:

  • Department Rules and Regulations

  • Police History

  • Ethics & Moral Issues

  • Illinois Criminal Justice System

  • Illinois Crime Code

  • Illinois Motor Vehicle Code

  • Search & Seizure

  • Use of Force

  • Report Writing & Note taking

  • CPR & First Aid

  • Patrol Procedures

  • Crowd & Traffic Control

  • Crime Scene Search

  • Field Searches

  • Accident Investigation

  • Career Mentoring Skills


Eligibility Requirements for Police Cadet Consideration

  • 1. Candidate must be between the ages of 13-21, or as authorized by the Chief of Police. The candidate must  also be enrolled in high school and/or college. (Selection preference will be given to Momence students and/or Momence residents)

  • 2. Candidate must maintain a GPA of C or better. (Required submission of semester grade reports – Honor Role students & Deans List students will be given selection preference)

  • 3. Candidate must be in good standing at the school in which they are enrolled.

  • 4. Candidate must pass an extensive background investigation. (Prior criminal arrests, juvenile/adult criminal records, and school disciplinary matters may disqualify a candidate from being accepted into the program)

  • 5. Candidate must take part in and pass a comprehensive oral interview.

  • 6. Candidate must maintain and display a high standard of morals, ethics and integrity at all times.

  • 7. Candidate will be required to obey all Standard Operating Procedures and Rules and Regulations of the Momence Police Department.

  • 8. Candidate will be required to sign and abide by the Momence Police Departments Code of Ethics Policy.

  • 9. Candidate must participate in all meetings, training and department events as scheduled.

  • 10. Candidates who are under 18 years of age must have a signed waiver by a parent or guardian.

Download Cadet Program Application

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Employment Opportunity

The Momence Police Department is currently not accepting applications.