Momence Police Department

123 W. River St.

Momence. IL 60954

Phone: 815.472.2021

Fax: 815.472.6152

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Patrick Siemsen, Chief of Police







Employment Opportunities

The Momence Police Department currently has no openings for employment.



Message from the Chief


 The men and women of the Momence Police Department are dedicated to serving with compassion and empathy. Officers of the Momence Police Department are a highly skilled, trained and dedicated group of professionals who pride themselves on community engagement efforts which foster meaningful interactions with our residents, visitors, and businesses. The Momence Police Department is committed to the principle that all individuals will be treated with dignity, courtesy and respect. Our efforts begin with hiring. Our Momence Police Department only accepts applicants who meet high moral, ethical, educational and professional standards. We only recruit officers who meet our departmental values including acknowledging our responsibility and accountability to citizens, treating each person with respect, dignity and compassion; and promoting mutual trust. We are committed to providing the highest quality training available to our employees. Every new entry level Officer attends a state certified police academy for 600 hours of instruction. Upon their return, all Officers must successfully complete a minimum of a 12-week field training program. We then provide continuing education, with officers receiving an average of 87 hours of training annually. This includes subject matters such as cultural competency, procedural justice, mental health, de-escalation, use of force, biased based policing and crisis intervention. These areas of education are foundational to our mission and values. As a department we hold ourselves to a high standard and maintain these goals, we must prove that our practices follow our policies. The Momence Police Department is committed to building and maintaining the community’s trust and confidence. In addition to our continual efforts for improvement, we are committed to transparency. I want to thank you for continuing to support the Momence Police Department 


Patrick H. Siemsen, M.A. 

Chief of Police City of Momence




Community News

2021 Golf Cart Registration

2021 golf cart registration will be on June 13th and 20th from 8am to 1pm.